Passionate About Wellness?

Become a Health

What is a Health Champion?

A Health Champion is a volunteer who is interested in health and wellness, and is motivated to advocate for a healthier workplace. Health Champions play a vital role in encouraging engagement in the company’s health programs and events to support the goal of a healthier and happier workplace.

You Would Be A Great Fit For The Role If You Have

Passion For Helping Others

Our goal is to help anyone who wants to make goals and improve on something in their life. If you love being a resource for others, we would love to have you on the team!

Enthusiasm For Health And Wellbeing

Are you passionate about health and wellness, or WANT to be? This is perfect for those who want to improve their own health, learn more about it, and help others!

Desire To Learn New Skills

Communication, leadership, marketing, workplace wellness planning, & health improvement strategies are among the skills you can develop with this role!

What Does The Role Entail?

Pass on communications via email & post flyers about events and health program information

Be the first point of contact for colleagues who have questions about the NDPHIT health program or events

Attend one 30 minute call per month

Be a role model for other employees by actively working to improve personal health and participating in wellness activities

Encourage colleagues to make healthy choices, and to take up health and wellbeing opportunities in the workplace

Engage a couple times a month on the facebook group, and facilitate others’ engagement

Generate innovative ways to promote activities and events

Benefits Of Being A Champion?

Access to exclusive discounts on health and wellness goodies (fitbit, apple watch, yoga supplies, workout tools)

2500 points toward wellness incentive

Opportunity to be the first informed with the latest wellness programs and events

Opportunity to help coworkers and friends reach their goals, and develop stronger relationships with them

Gain professional development and build skills in communications, facilitation, leadership, and marketing

How To Apply?

Just follow the link and fill out the short form!

Working Together

Overall we are looking for people who are willing to learn about the programs provided by NDPHIT, learn about health improvement strategies, and be willing to educate and be a resource for your coworkers. If that’s you, why not join us?!